Behind every successful woman lies a tale of self-reliance, persistence, and the joy of following one’s heart. Founded in 2002 by Alex Beauchamp of Girl at Play, Another Girl at Play was created to share the personal, insightful, and deeply honest  stories of female creative entrepreneurs from around the world.

Answering the same set of questions, each artist shares their unique experiences and wisdom on how they made their creative dream real. Understanding the importance of sharing information and taking the mystery out of living creatively, each artist donated their time to write about their artful career – answering questions from how they began to how they deal with the frustrations of being a creative entrepreneur.

“What did you do as a child that made the hours pass like minutes? Herein lies the key to your earthly pursuits.” Carl Jung

Another Girl at Play not only shares the empowering stories of smart, artistic and unstoppable women but also wonderful links, useful resources and encouraging newsletters to help you either begin – or continue on – your creative path.

To be featured, each woman must be working full-time as a self-employed woman in a creative field and have a financial viable business.

Alex Beauchamp, Founder

In 2001 Alex Beauchamp (left) launched Girl at Play, a personal blog site that chronicled her journey from the corporate world to freelance writer/artist. The name came from the quote “What did you do as a child that made the hours pass like minutes? Herein lies the key to your earthly pursuits.” Her almost daily writing and transparent details of what it really took to leave a steady, successful, day job for the unknown was enthusiastically received by thousands of people each day. Realizing that there was a need for more stories like hers to be shared online, she called on her other creatively self-employed friends to help her create a new site in which more stories of successful, creative, self-employed women would be told.

Another Girl at Play First Logo

In 2002, Another Girl at Play was launched with just a handful of female entrepreneurial stories (there wasn’t that many people online, period, yet alone creative female entrepreneurs). Claire Robertson was one of the first and also donated her services to create Another Girl at Plays first logo (right)! But as the readership and participation in the web grew, so did the number of Another Girl at Play participants. By the end of the year it had over twenty creative entrepreneur stories and a readership of over 15K per day.

SXSW 2003 Web Award Finalist

In 2003, Another Girl at Play was nominated for a SXSW Web Award, along side 4 other companies like Nike! This was a huge accomplishment as all other nominees were companies with marketing, creative and development teams. Another Girl at Play was built by one person with basic HTML skills! The amazing thing about this nomination was that it was truly felt but the site’s community – they raised $2500 to send the founder, Alex Beauchamp and one artist, Andrea Scher, to Austin Texas to be part of the the web award show. And although the site did not win the web award, it won something else – community.

By 2006 the site had grown to almost 30 artists. There were talks of a book being written and ad companies wanted o sell space on the site but Alex felt strongly that the site, as simple as it was, was all that it needed to be. It continued to receive thousands of visits per day without marketing or promotion because the featured women and their stories were universal and evergreen – they didn’t need to be more than what they were. It was at this time Alex decided against turning Another Girl at Play into a for-profit venture.

In 2004 a community mailing list was set up so that like-minded women who were either beginning on their creative path or who had been self-employed for years could share information, resources, tips and simply connect. The web was still relatively new and online resources hard to find. This was a step to bridge the gap.

In 2007, a group of women from the site joined forces to speak at a SXSW panel entitled, “The Boss of You.” Alex Beauchamp, Emira Mears, Jenny Hart and Lauren Bacon shared their knowledge and personal experiences of being self-employed. You can  listen to the presentation on YouTube.

In 2008, Alex made a decision to no longer do the monthly newsletters or to accept new artists until she not only could devote more time to the site, but find a way to reinvigorate it. And so the site stopped updating although the number of new visits did not thanks to years of word of mouth and Google!

2013 is here and things are a’changing! The first? Another Girl at Play is updating all it’s profiles, resources and content. So things might be missing or look funky. Don’t worry – it’ll all get back to normal. You can always subscribe to the newsletter for updates


In 2002, this site was selected as a SXSW Web Finalist. The community members below donated funds to fly the founder, Alex Beauchamp, and one of the founding artists, Andrea Scher, to the event. Their donations were used for transportation, accommodation and a even a little bit of web hosting! Thank you so much to everyone who believed in the site from the beginning:

Adam Swansen
Aimee Maxwell Amanda De Vuono
Tango Moon
Andi Brofft, Udandi
Annette Young
Amy, Janis & Julie, Life Space
Artitude Magazine
Athena Fotiadis
Candace Huber
Carla Blazek, Zena Moon
Carolyn Koesters, Word Catcher
Caroline Squires
Catherine Slye
Karen Amore-Mueller
Kate Swoboda
Katherine Dunn
Knitters Review
Kristy Tudryn, Bath Bakery
Lori Kozey
Laura Snazel
Linda Tomasello